UFO Sighting in Boothwyn, Pennsylvania on May 23rd 2014 – 7 sphere shaped orange

Again, being an avid sky watcher I was out in the back yard waiting to see the ‘Camel’ meteor shower and was about to go back to the house when I noticed 3 orange/yellow globes approaching from the east. The first 3 were in a triangular formation, then 3 more followed in-line one after the other, then another came after the straight 3, and finally 1 more approached. They all ‘turned-off’ as they came overhead. Their speed was similar to a small prop plane. I called another person to view what I had seen but she only saw the last 2 objects. They made no noise and traveled at the same speed. I had my Zhumell 20 X 80 power binoculars with me and viewed the last object before it went out. After the light went out I saw a grayish object continue in the same direction (west). Initially I thought they were ‘Chinese lanterns’ but they were moving against a 5 mile an hour wind from the west. At that point I had no idea what they might be. Unidentified, yes…for sure. One more item, they were below the partly cloudy sky. For the most part, it was almost a clear night, except for some random passing clouds. I would estimate about 500/700 feet.
More people should be aware of the sky and not be afraid to report what they see. I have seen many unusual objects traversing the night sky and I will report them when I see them.

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