UFO Sighting in Louisville, Kentucky on June 27th 2014 – Orange glowing objects near Louisville KY 6.28.14

It was approximately 2340 Friday 6.27.14. I was watching TV and was preparing to go to bed when I walked by West facing windows at the front of our house. Looking outside I noticed a large orange object moving slowly near my location. The orange glow immediately peaked my interest so I walked out the front door onto our loop driveway. I then noticed that there were a total of 4 orange glowing objects. The one approaching from the South was closest and largest while the other three were moving on a Northward track with some distance between them.
As the closest object was temporarily obscured by a tree I watched the other three; as I did one took a 45 degree more West track away from the others and moved away at a higher rate of speed. As it did so it cast an orange glow on the clouds. After entering the clouds (the cloud ceiling looked relatively low this night) the clouds filtered the glow and I could see the object was circular. Or at least from my perspective the object looked flat on the bottom and round in shape. This was the only object that I could get any distinguishable shape; as the orange glow made the objects look like orbs while on video they looked like triangles.
I continued to watch all four of these objects disappear either over the horizon or because of moving out of sight through the clouds. As I continued to watch two more large orange objects approached from the South. I watched and took video of some of these as they cleared the area.
I was excited at this point because it was clear to me that the objects were not commercial or any known military aircraft. So I went back into the house and awoke my wife and had her join me outside. We waited about 10-15 minutes and I was about to give up when suddenly another large orange object began to approach from the South. It was soon joined by another. We both observed both of these objects move from South to North; and videotaped them as they progressed. I continued observing the sky for another 30-45 minutes and did not see any further objects. After 15 minutes or more I briefly noticed a strong burning odor but cannot directly attribute it to the objects.
These objects had a very distinct orange glow. They made no sounds as they moved across the sky. One peculiar observation is that Louisville KY is a UPS hub. Between 2300 and 0100 the skies are consistently full of aircraft. During the whole event and up to 30 minutes after I did not see or hear any aircraft. It was as if the area was kept clear of traffic.

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