UFO Sighting in Marina del Rey, California on June 27th 2014 – ufo underwater base off marina del rey

i used google earth on my computer and put marina del rey in search and found these images. it looks like someone with a 400 foot wide lawnmower mowed the ocean floor row after row. most telling are the 180 degree semicircle tracks that appear at the row end as when one would turn around to make the next row. other spots are where san fransisco bay opens to the ocean. here we see not only precise geometric rows but also a perimeter boundary precisely angled. are the many fuzzy circles we see ufos airbrushed over? other areas are san diego, palos verdes estates. in the monterey-seaside area are what appear like saucers and a cigar sittng on the prepared ocean floor. the pics i submjtted were taken directly from my computer and not included are pics of nasca like lines underwater on a global scale.

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