UFO Sighting in Quinte West, Ontario on June 16th 2014 – very bright white circular object resembled a star but allot brighter

I saw, at 8:30 pm eastern standard time, what I thought was a star brighter then all the others in the west sky about 65 degrees up and was watching it from our driveway in Trenton Ontario Canada approximately 3 hours as it was so bright I thought it would go super nova, then I watched it streak off to the south west as it left it’s position it had a short tail of light behind it about 3 times it’s size it then disappeared behind a line of trees out of my sight I was driving by this time and could not get my phone to take pictures this was right around 11:45 pm eastern standard this sitting I had pointed out to 2 neighbours they saw the bright object around 9:30 pm eastern standard time but I was alone when I saw it fly south west

time since this I have been trying to figure out what had happened I am a believer in other life forms, this incident also kicked in memories of 2 prior possible sittings 1 when I was a child probably 11 years old and 1 from age 23 years this 1 also in Trenton Ontario Canada 3 blocks from where I live now

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