UFO Sighting in Calico, California on June 21st 2014 – The truth is out there!!

I was in Calico, CA to go hiking in the mountain pass by the Calico Ghost Town.

When I got to the top of the mountain pass I thought the view was really nice so I took a quick snap shot.

When I reviewed the picture I thought I had a dirt smudge and when I wiped the digital camera screen the spot didn’t leave.

When me I looked back up the object didn’t appear to be there anymore.

When I got back home in Placentia, CA I loaded the picture on my computer and saw this UFO that is in plain sight and also realized I was the only person who saw this flying object on the other side of the mountain where there are no cities or streets for miles.

I have been skeptical in the past and when my friend informed me that there are many others who have also seen UFO’s I just had to take the opportunity to let you know my first encounter experience.

I am a United States Navy Veteran of 9 years and NEVER did I think I would EVER in a million years see a flying object in plain sight at the Calico Desert mountain pass.

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