UFO Sighting in Columbus/Ft. Benning, Georgia on October 25th 1974 – Bright light among stars; turned on Army flashlight-object rapidly moved straight down; turned light off-object moved rapidly straight up; same 2nd time!

At Ft. Benning-night shift-4 of us saw a star that appeared brighter than any other star-for the fun of it someone flashed the old Army flashlight toward it. We were completely surprised to see that bright “star” drop straight down a bit of a distance and come to a complete halt.
We freaked out a bit with fear and curiosity and turned the flashlight off; in that instant this “star” went straight back up to where is was when we first saw it.
If with abated breath and fear we couldn’t believe what we saw so we turned the flasuht back on – again it did the exact same thing it did the first time.
That was all we could take – never did it again and vowed to never speak if it again. That was in 1974.

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