UFO Sighting in Elizabeth City, North Carolina on June 29th 2014 – 3 noiseless, orange/red lights in a triangular shape, moving at a slow pace, flying lower than a F-18 in flight.

1.Just before 2am,and right after watching a movie with my daughter, I went out on the back porch to allow our dog out.

2. When I opened up the back door to the porch, I saw 3 bright orange/red lights right away, they were big and it took me by surprise!

3.I did not know what I was seeing. I had never seen anything like it. I ran back inside and yelled for my daughter to come quickly; Then we waited to hear a sound as the 3 lights came closer. When no noise was heard, I told my daughter to quickly wake-up dad.

4.My husband came quickly ,He was looking to see if the lights had a solid body connecting them, but the 3 of us could not see anything solid connecting the 3 basketball size red/orange glowing lights, stars could be seen between the distance of the 3 lights, and the stars looked tiny next to the lights. We watched the lights move in synch, it keep it’s triangular shape, the lights were coming towards us getting bigger in size, coming from the east,southeast and moving slowing west, southwest.

5. All 3 of us had feelings of amazement, our reactions were of shock and we were shouting while discussing the moving lights, and our action was to hurry and get a picture. Then later, we worried we had woke up neighbors…

6. After about 5 minutes, and after the 3 lights moved west, southwest, all 3 lights went out at the same time.

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