UFO Sighting in Grosse Pointe Woods, Michigan on June 29th 2014 – Orb/Tear-drop-like traveling above Grosse Pointe Woods MI APPORX 10:20 EST. No blinking, steady orange glow.

At 10:20 I was taking garbage out. A fireworks display had just ended 10 minutes ago. There were no other fireworks going off at the time. I noticed orb tear drop-like object at about 45 degrees in the SW sky. I noticed it because it wasn’t blinking. No landing lights, navigation lights, etc. I thought it reminded me of a Japanese Lantern. But I have never seen one in person and have to frame of reference other than from what I have seen on TV. The Object seemed to be maintaining an altitude between 500-1000 feet moving from SE to NW. Speed had to be 300-500 knots. It vibrated or shook as it moved in a starlight line. Kinda shimmered. Object finally disappeared over treeline. The whole event lasted between 1 and 2 mins.

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