UFO Sighting in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina on June 25th 2014 – Round symmetrical red-orange lights appeared in groups of 2 and 3, four to five times.

On the evening of June 25th, at 10:40 pm, I was standing on the balcony of the Sands Beach Club Resort on the 8th Floor located in North Myrtle Beach S.C. My three friends also saw this event. We saw groups of small round red-orange lights appearing in the Southeastern sky over the Atlantic ocean multiple times. The first group of lights we saw in a group of two whereby the first light appeared and then separated into a second light. Both lights appeared for only about 3-4 seconds and then faded. The second group of lights had three lights whereby the first light appeared and then slowly faded while the second light appeared as the first one faded. When the second light faded a third light appeared. All three lights were on a straight linear plane and appeared to be equal distance from each other. The time it took for this sequence to happen was about 4-5 seconds. This same sequence of three lights appearing and fading happened three more times in different positions in the sky but all taking place on the Eastern horizon over the Atlantic Ocean. The whole event of five different groups of lights (one group of two and four groups of three) fading on and fading off took approximately 10-15 minutes and was over by 11PM. The apparent distance between each of the Light sightings was significant in that in my opinion, it would not have been possible for any man made aircraft to move that far on the horizon that quickly. The size of the lights were also much bigger than that of a commercial airplane and did not flash as commercial planes normally do. The lights just faded on and faded out. No two lights were in the exact same position in the sky other than the first group of two where it appeared the second light cam from the first light. I believe there were other sightings of this same event on this same day at this same time by others who did take pictures and whose pictures were posted on the MUFON Web Site. I was not able to take pictures but can confirm those pictures are the exact same event we witnessed.

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