UFO Sighting in Washington, North Carolina on June 29th 2014 – Plane like object stopped in mid-air, hovered, then flashed brightly and disappeared.

I was outside smoking and I looked up about 50-60 degrees from myself and saw a plane-like object flying through the air with a light that pulsed every few seconds. I just assumed it was a plane until it stopped and all the lights came and stayed on for about 5 seconds. Then, it flashed very brightly – almost like an explosion but controlled. It let out very bright beams of light and when they dwindled, the craft was gone. When it flashed it looked like a VERY bright star with an approximate diameter barely smaller than the moon on a normal night in the sky. I didn’t get a chance to take a picture or video because I assumed it was a plane until it stopped and I didn’t have enough time to take out my phone.

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