UFO Sighting in Englewood, Colorado on June 28th 2014 – Two Orange lights north bound

On June 28th 2014 around 9:50 to 9:55 PM wile visiting in the back yard I witnessed a bright orange sphere heading north at about 5 to 600ft above ground level at a good rate of speed. There was no sound and the flight path was un varied and true. I watched this object head north and then make a turn to the east maintaining altitude and speed. I watched the object disappear over the houses to the east. Conversation with my guest about what we had just seen paste about 30 Sec. and out of the same area another orange object came out of the south sky, same north heading, same altitude and speed but a bit further east by 5 deg. It made a east bound turn as well but a little sooner then the first object. I watched as the second object flew out of sight.

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