UFO Sighting in Lapeer, Michigan on June 13th 2014 – I seen a glowing object to the north of my house on 6-13-14 and 6-16-14. Two seperate nights and objects.

I go for a walk every night before bed to look at the sky and around the house. I always look at sky so I seen the object in the north and it moving in weird ways,so I went in to get camera and began to film on a tripod from top of car. I didn’t know exactly what it was at first until I zoomed in. It was a orb or round object than moved very slow than fast in weird ways and blinked out and on four times that I counted and pulsated different colors. I felt excited at first then more interested. I just hope that I got good shots of the object so to help identify what it is. I did have a huge triangle fly over me and my wife and daughters in 1994 that made us feel a tingling from head to toe. That is why I always look up as to not to miss anything if I can. The object blinked out the four time and never returned. I am not good with a computer as how to load pictures or video or files. I am sorry for that but, I do plan to learn so to be more useful to everyone. I do have great video of both nights.

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