UFO Sighting in Lincoln, California on June 29th 2014 – Alternating lights in same order – blue, white, red, green

At first myself and my walking partner thought it was a very bright star. Then we noticed it changing colors and moving. Both of us thought it was the weirdest thing we’d ever seen in the sky.

It moved about with no apparent reason alternating the lights. it was a clear night and various planes and helicopters could be seen in the distance, but not nearly as close as this light giving object.

It went on for about an hour and I called my folks who saw it from their yard that has a view. It was very quiet.

I got an unclear iPhone video of it, but it did show the flashing. With my step dad’s binoculars I could clearly see two lights, both the same colors at the same time, but changing to the sequence together.

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