Woman's close encounter with aliens

Even though this is a funny story she really could be an abductee.

Woman’s close encounter with orgasmic aliens

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By John Higginson

UFO: (above) Miss Cohen with her depiction of an alien spaceship

A former policewoman says she has been contacted by an alien race who give her orgasms at any moment.

Stephany Cohen, 42, of Lancaster Close, Bromley, says an alien race from a distant planet have chosen her and her plumber partner Michael Williams, 57, to help the human race increase their knowledge.

She says “Grays” from the planet Cirus D have been helping out humans from the Egyptians to the Aztecs for thousands of years but now we are ready to take the final step of spiritual and intellectual fulfilment.

The spiritual healer says Grays, who communicate through telepathy, can take on the form of humans as does “Linda” a spokesman for the Cirian Senate Committee.

Miss Cohen has been speaking to Linda through the mind of Mr Williams, who is also a medium.

She said: “I don’t know why they have picked me. But they are not to be feared. They are very loving, intelligent and will only present themselves to those who accept them.

“Sometimes you get raptures like strong orgasms and you don’t know where it comes from. It is energies being passed down to their children on Earth. They are a good race who only like to help others.” “Linda” told Miss Cohen she was the child of “Grays” who came to earth thousands of years ago.

Speaking through Mr Williams, Linda said other Earthling children of Grays have included William Shakespeare, Charles Richardens, Isambard Kingdom Brunel, Nelson Mandela and Jesus Christ.

On Cirus D, according to Miss Cohen, “Grays” reproduce without intercourse but the sexual energy which is produced is 10 times that which is produced by humans on Earth.

Mrs Cohen and Mr Williams attend West Wickham Spiritual Church, in Surrey Road, West Wickham.

10 Gray facts according to Miss Cohen: Grays come from the planet Cirus D which circles a bright blue star which can be seen first thing in the morning and late at night. According to Grays, the planet is 150 light years away. A Cirian senate committee consists of 50 male and 50 female Grays. You have to give Grays permission to let one use your body. Grays procreate by mixing male and female energy together. Pregnancy lasts three months and within six weeks of birth the young Gray is running around like an adult. Grays do not eat but drink a herb and spice drink which they grow on Cirus D and has the consistency of runny yoghurt. They have a stomach but no other organs and can take on human forms when they are on earth. Grays have been coming to Earth for thousands of years and some so called humans are the sons and daughters of these aliens. Grays are the only race on Cirus D.

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