Daily UFO Headlines 6/30/14

Aussie UFO Enthusiasts Reached 34,000 in Numbers; 6th in World Ranking – Huffington Post UK NASA successfully tests UFO-like spaceship for missions to Mars – The Voice of Russia Would Earth look like a habitable planet from afar? – Phys.Org On making contact with ET – Aitkin Independent Age UFO Sighting: Strange Round Object Seen […]

Mysterious Alien X-Ray Signal Detected By Astronomers

Astronomers have detected a mysterious extra terrestrial signal 240 million light years away from Earth. The unidentified alien signal is a ‘spike of intensity at a very specific wavelength of x-ray light’, but scientists don’t yet know what the origin is. Picked up in the Perseus Cluster, one of the biggest objects in the universe, […]

Black Triangle Sighting in Rochester, New York on June 3rd 2012 – In 3 1/2 wks I had 3 different experiences. One with cubes, one with ufo and one with an extremely bright light about 20 ft or less from my window.

On June 3, 2012 it was about 4:07 in the pm and I was walking to my car. I work at a hospital and on the street there is always alot of traffic. I was walking toward the first intersection and saw and heard what I thought was a whirlwind and to my surprise there […]

Alien Life Supporting Super-Earth Gliese 832c Discovered

Researchers have revealed a newfound alien planet might be able to support life – and say it is just 16 light years away. Called Gliese 832c, it is a ‘super-Earth’ at least five times as massive as our planet. The researchers say it might be the closest in terms of conditions ever found – and […]

UFO Sighting in Columbus/Ft. Benning, Georgia on October 25th 1974 – Bright light among stars; turned on Army flashlight-object rapidly moved straight down; turned light off-object moved rapidly straight up; same 2nd time!

At Ft. Benning-night shift-4 of us saw a star that appeared brighter than any other star-for the fun of it someone flashed the old Army flashlight toward it. We were completely surprised to see that bright “star” drop straight down a bit of a distance and come to a complete halt. We freaked out a […]

UFO Sighting in Grosse Pointe Woods, Michigan on June 29th 2014 – Orb/Tear-drop-like traveling above Grosse Pointe Woods MI APPORX 10:20 EST. No blinking, steady orange glow.

At 10:20 I was taking garbage out. A fireworks display had just ended 10 minutes ago. There were no other fireworks going off at the time. I noticed orb tear drop-like object at about 45 degrees in the SW sky. I noticed it because it wasn’t blinking. No landing lights, navigation lights, etc. I thought […]