Farmer wants reparations from aliens for crop circle damage

A crop circle appeared in the Czech Republic town of Boskovice on Saturday, June 28.

Boskovice crop circle

Aerial view of the Boskovice crop circle. (Credit:

This large pattern reportedly appeared overnight, occupying nearly 65,000 square feet of Jan Karlik’s corn field. And he is understandably furious. The crop circle has attracted lots of attention from curious individuals who come into the field, causing additional crop damage to the already approximately $1,000 worth of damage caused by the design. Karlik wants reparations from whoever created the crop circle. He states, “I don’t care where they were from, even if they are aliens, they need to be made to pay.”

The Croatian Times describes this design as “a 4-pointed star, framed by a circle with mysterious Stonehenge-shaped blocks set in a smaller circle.” A local government spokesperson explains, “The corn is not broken, it’s just bent to the ground. But it is beginning to attract a lot of attention and the farmer wants his land protected from curious visitors who are likely to make the matter worse if they start walking over the ground as well.”

Boskovice crop circle

Inside the Boskovice crop circle. (Credit:

Farmers in England whose fields become targets of crop circles are all too familiar with the frustration of crop circle enthusiasts trampling their fields to observe the formations. That is why a crop circle access pass program was launched last year. This pass program works by granting purchasers of the pass access to participating fields, requiring the pass holders to agree to a set of rules that ensure the respectful use of the farmers’ crops. Participating farmers split the proceeds from the access pass sales.

Unfortunately for Karlik, no such program exists in the Czech Republic. The Croatian Times reports that local police are “keeping an open mind.” And a police spokesperson states, “Extraterrestrial civilisations and the influence of air vortices are not excluded, but we are currently concentrating on looking for human culprits.”

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