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For the past few years one of my largest, most consuming ongoing investigations are, “Animal Mutilations”. I say Animal Mutilations because not only have I investigated cows, but horses and dogs as well. I’ve received reports on sheep, goats and coyotes and even interviewed a rancher about a rabbit, so it’s not just cows and maybe it never was, but cows just seem to take the spotlight.

In 2013, I was featured on the Science Channel’s, “Unexplained Files” talking about my mutilation cases; In 2012, I was featured on National Geographic’s, “Chasing UFOs” talking about my mutilation cases, and in 2010, I was featured on Syfy’s, “Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files”, talking about my mutilation cases. Last year 2013, MUFON (Mutual UFO Network) the largest and most impressive UFO investigative network in the world, named me “Director of Cattle Mutilations” so I wrote the MUFON Field investigation training manual on mutilations and taught a field investigative class at last year’s MUFON Symposium in Las Vegas. I guess I must be doing something right.

What do I do? I look at every investigation as a skeptic even though I’m not one. I do this to be non-bias so as not to miss evidence a biased investigator might miss. And boy have I found evidence. Not only with animal mutilations, but Roswell, Bigfoot, and Ghost investigations as well. I’m a Field Investigator, this is what I do.

From time to time a TV or newspaper reporter will contact me about a story they’re working on. Most of the time I’m able to give them the information they need, but sometimes they’re just interested in the story, and really not interested in the phenomenon itself. I call this, “Lazy Journalism.” If I can’t adhere to their convenient schedules for them, inconvenient for me, like not living in the same state, they’ll opt to find anybody who wants to be on TV or in a news paper article talking about something they’re really not qualified to talk about. Like, “Animal Mutilations”. When this occurs, they generally find someone who has never done a field investigation but think they know all about it, or even worse, a skeptic! Someone whose job is to talk with one’s foot in their mouth. I deal with these people all the time and they always repeat the same old audio loop, “Well I’ll believe it when I see it.” Well that’s not necessarily true, because even if they saw it, they still wouldn’t believe it and would come up with some other reason no matter how stupid it may sound to the rest of the world. But the journalists who take the time to do a good story and interview the people who actually do the field investigations, would learn this:

  • Since 1967 there’s been an estimated 10,000 mutilations cases across the US. ( George Knapp)
  • Since 1967, any law enforcement agency that investigated animal mutilations have never been able to find the culprit. No person has ever been caught, tried and convicted for performing a mutilation. This does not include animal cruelty cases, but cases with all the earmarks of a true mutilation phenomenon like:

1. No signs of animal struggle

2. No signs of blood pooling.

3. Unusual incisions.

4. No evidence of predator take downs.

5. No evidence of human involvement.

6. Sometimes strange lights seen before the mutilations take place.

7. Sometimes the animal is laying in a sort-of crop circle.

8. Sometimes Black helicopters fly over the area after a mutilation took place.

9. Most of the time the rancher is hit multiple times either in the same year or

over a few year cycle.

10. All my investigations the animals are facing towards the east.

11. The Ranchers have no idea how their animal died.

12. These are the largest Animal Cruelty Cold Cases in the USA!

I can go on and on, but I need to get to a point. If journalists want to know what’s really going on, then they need to talk to the source. The Field Investigator. Because if they did, then I could update them on what’s current.

What’s current?

In Bryan County, Oklahoma, February of this year, a rancher found 2 calves dead. Both animals had their genitals removed. The incisions were straight and precise. The ground was covered with ice and no blood was present, it should have pooled on the ice if it was a normal death. There were no signs how the animal died, their were no signs of predator involvement, just 2 animals laying dead mysteriously. The rancher had never seen anything like this before. Let me say this again because it’s important.

The rancher has never seen anything like this before!

This is their job, their life, most of them 2nd and 3rd generation ranchers. They are familiar with natural cow deaths, it’s the un-natural ones that scare the hell out of them. This particular case veterinarians were involved and also Oklahoma’s Department of Agriculture division, so very experienced people associated with cows were investigating these deaths.

I talked with Oklahoma’s Department of Agriculture’s Chief Agent (name on file) and also spoke with Oklahoma’s Department of Agriculture’s Investigative division agent, (name on file) about these cases updating both of them on the animal mutilation phenomenon. What I’ve seen, what I’ve learned, and what they need to look for. I sent them pictures, investigation techniques and notes and lab results helping them with their investigation. Oh by the way, “They called me.”

On May 2nd, I was contacted by a rancher near the Colorado/Kansas border. He found a 3-year-old 1100 pound Angus dead with its udder missing, laying in a circular ground depression. The animal was facing towards the east and had every indication it had been dropped by the way it lay and the broken bones that were seen. The rancher brought in a veterinarian who performed a field necropsy, and no signs of cause of death were found.

The rancher took soil samples for me inside and outside the unusual ground depression, and currently they’re at the lab for analysis. When I get the lab results back, I’ll post the results on this website.

Oh by the way, this same rancher called me two weeks ago, mid June, and had another mutilation. Same type of cuts, same type of scenario. What bothers him the most is, “Is he being targeted?” No other ranchers in the area have had mutilation cases, just him recently. If this was a natural predator, it wouldn’t make sense for an animal to venture across other ranches just to kill a cow on a specific ranch; And no, the rancher has not seen any type of natural predator on his ranch that can take down an 1100 pound animal and leave it with very unusual precise incision marks.

So from time to time stop by because I always post my investigations. I’ve been asked by some people, “Why don’t you write a book?” Well I’ve lost some media appearances because I haven’t written one, but at this time I look at it this way. I’ve written enough blogs to fill a book and get 1000′s of hits on my website monthly. My readers get to see my investigations for free, and can personally comment on them. They also have the opportunity to email me directly with any questions they may have or suggestions for future investigations. Try doing that with a book.

You’ll also get a chance to see me on this season’s “Unexplained Files Season 2” talking about…. well I can’t tell you, so just keep an eye on the Science Channel’s website for details, and yes, it will be worth watching.

Thanks for visiting, it’s a pleasure working for you.




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