Is Earth at threat from an alien invasion?

I came across an article stating that US intelligent agencies expected an alien takeover between the years 2000 and 2030, by the alien race reptilians and greys. I was very skeptical, but I am very open-minded and decided to investigate.
The background of these alien species, from my understanding is that you have reptilians and Draco-reptilians (reptilians with wings). the Draco-reptilians are in command above the reptilians, and the reptilians cloned the grey aliens to be slaves.
Starting 1934 the US made treaties with the grey aliens allowing them to abduct people as long as the US gets technology, I believe this is true because shortly after this date our technology all of a sudden exploded, so it makes sense. What the Greys were abducting people for was to cross breed a human and grey alien for the ultimate warrior. Majority of this is said to take at the underground base in Dulce, NM. The mission is to combine the brains of a grey alien with the strength and passion of a human. Over time the greys grew fascinated with humans. Because greys are emotionless and slaves, they grew fascinated by our ability to show emotions and our individuality, thus pushing the greys to rebel against their reptilian leaders. The new agenda for the greys was to preserve their race as they were just clones and most of the time did not have reproductive organs. It is speculated that the reptilians will invade Earth, as they had in the past (thousands of years ago) I wont spend too much time on the ancient wars on Earth, but there is a rumor that Earth was invaded thousands of years ago and a great war or two. I am not sure who supposedly fought these war(s) but I have heard reptilians vs Nordics, humans, and other allies. There is evidence suggesting advanced technology was used meaning either we were once an advanced civilization or an advance civilization invaded us. The evidence suggest atomic like bombs were used to annihilate cities thousands of years ago, such as an India city still being covered with radiation today. What happened though? My theory is it was reptilians that invaded Earth, which is where the legend of the dragon might come from, which look similar to a Draco-reptilian, some dragons in ancient cultures didn’t have wings would would explain the reptilians without wings being here as well in ancient history.
There is a theory that reptilians are heading this direction, via transportation by a planetoid. Planetoids were discovered earlier this year, but the objects are too far away at this time to prove what they are, but computer simulations suggest an object “5 times the size of Earth” might be one of the planetoids. Strange, because I thought there was nothing beyond the orbit of Neptune, all of a sudden there might be a planet 5 times the size of Earth? I also read somewhere that a small amount of people who were abducted recall going through training by both aliens and government officials, the training varied from rescue operation for humans and aliens and piloting spacecraft. So are the reptilians coming and do the governments of the world already know this? Are governments working with grey aliens to prepare for a war? I started to do some out of the box thinking and came up with a theory on how they COULD prepare us for something like this, IF IT WERE TO HAPPEN. Has anyone ever noticed one thing when it comes to movies and other media featuring aliens? The good aliens 95% of the time resemble gray aliens, such as the alien from ET. Evil aliens tend to look more ugly and similar to the appearance of reptilians, so could the governments of the world be using propaganda to prepare us for a possible invasion by the reptilians?
I read that the reptilians are an alien species that are very violent and love power and control, and despise the human race, and went to war with the “galactic federation of light”
Ex-canadian minister of defense, Paul Hellyer said there were at least 80 species of aliens of life and some look similar to us, most are friendly, but there are a select few who do not like us. Could one of those small groups that don’t like us be reptilians Paul mentions the Zeta Reticuli, also known as the greys, as an alien species that walks among us. The fact he mentions that alien species plus the pleiadians, also known as Nordics, show they really do exist, if you trust his word, if these species do exist, whats the chances the history between humans and these alien species are true. Why did US agencies say they expect a takeover of reptilians by 2030? I understand not trusting your average person’s word on aliens, but can we trust people that once held highly respected careers? All i know is too many things are matching up for it to be a lie. The truth is stranger than the lie.


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