The evidence is indisputable, but can you accept the truth?

Governments around the world have been releasing documents proving UFOs and aliens. I cam across things like,
“flying disc recovered” – Declassified document, Roswell, NM, UFO reached speeds of “1,300 MPH in 3 minutes” – Declassified document, Fighter jets around the world to shoot down UFOs, Area 51 was declassified and is now on Wikipedia even though was said to “not exist” years ago, still is a restricted military air base.

FBI declassified documents – FBI

FBI rosswell “flying disc recovered” – FBI ? Roswell UFO Part 1 of 1

CIA document “1,300 miles an hour in 3 minutes” –…0000015477.pdf

CIA declassified documents – UFOs: Fact or Fiction? | CIA FOIA (

Area 51 – The Area 51 File: Secret Aircraft and Soviet MiGs

UFO reports from UK –…orts-in-the-uk

UK UFO contact –…mary_dec00.pdf

Australian released UFO documents – 10,000+ pages of declassified Australian UFO documents compiled | TOTT News

Canadian released documents – ARCHIVED – Menu – Canada’s UFOs: The Search for the Unknown – Library and Archives Canada

Documents released from multiple countries (I couldn’t get each countries cause my internet is currently running slow) – UFO Files – Countries Releasing | The Disclosure Project

There were many, many more I found from several other countries such as Mexico, Russia, and France, but none of them were in English.

The truth is out.

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