The Documentary Thread

I haven’t seen anything like this on AU, There may be a reason. I am not certain. If there is a reason, I’m sure this will be removed. If there is no reason this has never happened before, then it’s way overdue. Welcome to the documentary thread. Here we can post full documentaries the only rules are, It must be clean. Nobody wants to see a bunch of smut. I know I don’t. it must be something that can be streamed to watch inside this thread, no downloading. I think in fairness to the forums, the content of the documentary posted should at least stay on topic with the paranormal. There are several I could post here, but there are only so many really good ones.

We will start with a classic, The abduction case of betty and barney hill.
My mothers maiden name was Hill, I’m pretty sure they are no relation.
Although ironic as it may be, i am probably related to Hank Hill.
Hell I like Propane and propane accessories..

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