UFO Sighting in Beach Lake, Pennsylvania on July 5th 2014 – Translucent sphere with flame inside, hovering stationary over someone's backyard.

My husband, daughter and I observed this object on our way home from vacation, traveling NE. While driving along route 191, I looked out the passenger window and happened to notice a translucent sphere hovering over someone’s backyard. Inside this sphere was what appeared to be an orange-yellow flame. I made a right turn down the road where the object was to get a closer look at it. I asked my husband and daughter for their opinion, because I couldn’t say what it was. At first I thought a balloon with a candle in it that someone had tied and flown in the air. But when we got closer, no cord was visible. My husband and daughter were also stumped as to what the object could be. After a minute or two, we observed the object to slowly start moving north, gaining speed and disappearing altogether. It was not visible after about 30 seconds.

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