UFO Sighting in Naples, Florida on July 6th 2014 – It either turned on its lights or approached on a turn straight in my direction. Huge orange ball below two white blinking lights. It passed with it lower left emitting a big flame. No noise and fairly quick straight line

I was leaving the house with a friend around 9:15 pm facing east. I was approaching my car to open the door and I noticed two white what appeared to be lights that are on when a plane is on approach. What caught my attention was the direction) planes don’t use that approach where I live) and a strange hue of orange. It was moving fairly fast heading east to west. I quickly took out my iphone and started recording. The video moves around a little because I could see it much better with my naked eye.
At the very first I thought it was a plane, but then as it got closer it was a dark structure, with white lights in front and a dimly area on the top where it seemed like windows or raised surface. Below the white lights was a strange, bright tone of orange and very bright. As it passed there was a clearly visible huge flame on its lower right side. It kept burning the entire time, and kind of reflecting and lighting the side and bottom of the object. It covered several miles very quickly. It neither climbed or descended. Never changed speed. We watched it until it went our of sight. Never made a sound the entire time, yet it was in the atmosphere, and if I had to guess, maybe a few thousand feet up. I’m understanding that it approached Vanderbilt Beach and turned north from people who seen at the beach. My feelings all night have been so excited to see such a thing. I was in the Air Force, and I know aviation well. My instincts were immediately correct when I looked east and thought something odd about this objects approach and color.

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