July 4th UFO or Chinese Lantern?

This video is a really good one. #1… this is a single object unlike most Chinese lantern releases. #2…this is moving mighty fast across a large section of sky on what looks like a calm evening. Of course winds above can often be quite different than winds on the ground. #3…This object does not appear to float up in the sky like Chinese lantern videos I’ve seen where they are almost all drifting up at about a 45 deg. angle. However, it could still easily be a lantern drifting on some higher currents. I’m not going to even speculate without hearing opinions.

I think this is a perfect video to analyze without jumping to fast conclusions one way or another. What are other’s experiences with Chinese lantern sightings (I have zero)? What are other’s experiences with orange fireball sightings? Dig in!


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