UFO Sighting in Delaware on June 28th 2014 – red orange orb like objects

the red orange orb like objects people have been seeing came over my house my 2 renters outside smoking a cig and around 10 maybe more of them then came and got me i sat outside hoping to see and within 2 min 1 last one flew by as it was almost over my house it broke into two pieces i dont know why but a fireball came falling down 4 houses down it was 1am so i stomped it out and have it the other part took off back in the direction it came from did not end up following the path of the rest. I have this piece of what only looks like some sort of insulation but must be very high temp insulation because it barely looks burned but it was on fire like a fire ball all the down to ground til i stomped it out, iwasnt sure what to do til someone at work i told the story to said there has been several witnesses to the same thing i saw so i figure maybe i have something maybe it was sent down to observe but had some sort of malfuntion and went back to where it came from. the part that stayed in the sky was now like a star moving much quicker then before it broke, get back to me ill be happy to give a sample of what fell.by the way i was forced to put that it happened no sooner then todays date for some reason but it happened around june 28 2014

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