UFO Sighting in Mechanicsburg, Ohio on June 28th 2014 – I seen an object in the road RT56…the 28th at about 11:00 in the evening…covered both lanes of a two lane main north & south road.I

I was letting my dog out @ 11:00 pm as I always do, looking to the north I could see 2 bright search light type beams going up (like you would see at a grand opening), one towards the north and one towards the east, eventually both lights became aimed in the same eastern direction. Since I live in the country and there is nothing that direction or miles but homes and farmland I thought I would drive that direction and have a look. I got in my car and started driving towards them when I looked up the lights were gone. In the distance taking up what looked like both lanes of the road were red flashing lights. I assumed that there was an accident and that the lights were that of paramedics and police, I continued on to check it out. The road is hilly and I lost site of the lights over the hills, as I came to the area where the lights should have been, they were gone. Then I noticed a red light maneuvering through the sky heading north slowly, all of the sudden I took of fast. When I got back home I noticed the clock in my car was an hour off and my TV satellite hard drive had crashed beyond repair. They next day I asked my neighbor if he had seen anything the night before and he said yes, 2 black helicopters with search lights. I called the local police and county sheriff’s department, they said that they hadn’t had any strange reports or accidents. I called Wright-Patterson and they told me to call Dayton International Airport and have them check their radar, so far I have not heard back from them.

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