UFO Sighting in Rochester, New York on July 8th 2014 – Red/White ball/egg shaped flew right over head silent.

At 9:45 we were on house back deck. I looked up to see a redish/white egg/ball shaped object. Lower than cloud cover. Absolutely silent moving northeast towards lake ontario. It had pulsation but not intense.

When looking (for example) at a bright star or light one witnesses the light extending from the star. This object had red “arms” (if you will) of such light extending a significant distance from the main object, perhaps one and a half times the objects visible size.

I could not tell the objects true size or height due to no references to judge it by in the sky. It was certainly significant in size, I have never saw anything like it before and it was completely silent.

The object was witnessed by four of us.

About 15 minutes later I observed a white light blinking headed the same direction above broken cloud cover at a high altitude and could hear the jet and it was moving fast.

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