UFOs-Sighting in England, West Yorkshire

Hi guys, quite recently on the 1st of July, 2014 at approximately 1.40am-3.25am (GMT) I witnessed something I have never seen before. I was in my attic and decided to stick my head out of the window to cool down as my room was rather hot; it was a very clear night which is quite rare in my area due to the amount of orange light pollution in the sky. I decided to star gaze and about North East-South East the stars appeared to move. I was very intrigued to find out what these bright white lights were so I decided to keep on watching them. As I stared at one of the moving white lights that I originally believed to be stars for roughly a minute it became apparent that these white lights were spherical in shape and were moving around in the sky. We live near an RAF base called Menwith Hill and we ocassionally get planes flying over our house however these planes can clearly be heard but these flying crafts could not, this is where I began to observe them very carefully and primarily watched one of the crafts every move.

Whilst I initially observed one of the UFOs I remained my eye contact with it for approximately 50 minutes. I first saw the UFO do 360 degree spins and 90 degree parallel turns. Shortly after staring at the UFO the craft appeared to fly towards me, I was really scared and it only seemed to keep its distance after I felt a pain in my head lasting roughly 5 seconds, the pain in my head to me was another one of the odd things I noticed as I don’t regularly get head pains/aches (especially just on the right side of my head). After the UFO kept its distance I began to hear the nearby sheep in the fields baa’ing, then a few seconds after the noise of the livestock I saw a white glowing come from beyond the trees that look over my house. I then carried on watching the spherical (fried egg shaped) UFO make its manoeuvres in the dark side of the sky, the other half of it being light due to the summer time in England. A while after watching the UFO flying around in the sky it then began to hover slowly moving towards the South East side of the sky. Suddenly after its movement I saw other UFOs drop from the craft but they appeared to be different in shape. I couldn’t exactly make them out but they appeared to bend and were smaller opposed to the larger UFO (my first sighting) that these other UFOs were deployed from. The large UFO had strange lights that I can only describe as being similar to a web or net shape that appeared to be pointing towards the South side of the sky. The laser like beams that came from the large UFO varied in colour from the time that they were beamed. The colours were red, blue and green, so I concluded that this UFO definitely wasn’t like any of the military crafts I’ve seen.

The smaller UFOs that deployed from the larger spherical UFO appeared to disappear shortly after their deployment, the only process I can describe from my sighting was that these ships would drop from the underside of the larger spherical UFO, then they would hover slightly below the large UFO, the craft would then bend and change its angle, drop lower in the sky then disappear and blend in with the sky (it was as if these crafts had some sort of invisibility camouflage on).

After watching that large UFO I decided to check out the rest of the sky, there was at least 4 large UFOs (which I could keep track off their wherabouts by simply looking at moving bright white lights in the sky, then making out their spherical shape). Shortly after losing my eye contact with the first UFO I sighted, I heard noises that I’ve never heard before. I looked around the sky and spotted the large UFOs, at least 3 appeared to fly very very close to each other, then they did the 90 degree parallel turn and then furthered themselves away from each other roughly South East in the sky. These strange noises I cannot exactly describe but the noise that soon followed again was the sound of livestock (sheep). After the sound of the sheep I decided to revert my attention back to the original craft that I first saw, only then did I see a red beam of light come from the large craft, it appeared to be carrying something towards the ship then the beam disappeared. I had a possible conclusion that the beam may have been abducting one of the livestock (this certainly would explain the disruptive noise of the sheep).

There was a lot of UFOs in the sky, they were nothing like I’ve ever seen before. These crafts were unnoticeable to the 2 planes I saw fly over my head due to the fact that the planes didn’t divert their flight path. There was roughly 3 variations of UFOs that I would actually like to call space craft because it was certainly out of this world. The shapes varied from the spherical fried egg shaped large UFOs to the smaller flexible ships that appeared to deploy from the larger craft. The last shape I noticed was a large triangular object that had 3 large lights on the underside of the craft and it only appeared in the sky shortly after the UFOs vanished. At 3.20ish am the UFOs began to just disappear like the smaller craft as if they activated some sort of invisibility camouflage. The UFOs that vanished first were the ones in the dark South East side of the sky. The ones that were there last were roughly 2 large spherical UFOs that were in the light North East side of the sky, these UFOs were much easier to make out than the ones on the dark side. The large spherical UFOs were easy to keep track off because they had bright white lights that at a quick glance would appear to be stars but clearly were not. There was also flashing multiple colours coming from the side of the large space ship. These ships disappeared somewhere after the 3.25am time but the large triangular UFO did not.

During the 1 hour and 45 minutes that I observed these crafts I tried to get pictures with my ipad that was nearby however the poor quality of the camera would not pick up anything. I did however manage to get a video which doesn’t capture the flying objects but does get an audio which I will share (a bit of the narration was my shock as to the sighting I saw). I must admit that I was slightly sceptical into UFO sightings until I saw them for myself.
The question is can anyone possibly help or tell me if they saw any sightings similar to my description on the 1st of July, 2014 in West Yorkshire or England. Any help would be greatly appreciated as I am still rather baffled as to the UFOs I saw and I would be interested in hearing if anyone has seen anything as similar to my description. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I12L8JmLgcc

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