UFO Sighting in Gandhidham, Gujarat on July 1st 2014 – when I m observing the sunrise when i click the picture of sunrise i saw two objects moving opposite to me

it was morning about 6 am i was sitting on the back seat of my car with my dad who was driving. We are returning from a late night party and i was observing the sunrise from the car’s window (backside) being very clear i don’t see that thing because all of my focus is on sunrise but when i decide to take picture of that sunrise i open my phone’s camera and when i saw that window again i was shocked because i saw two moving object which was moving too fast opposite to me ,without wasting time i clicked that picture and when i saw from that window again both of the OBJECTS were disappeared in clouds as it was really in a very fast speed and also it was moving opposite to me that is my personal experience about that UFO which only i saw because my dad was driving the car and i am alone on the back seat.when i saw MUFON’s show on history t.v. i thought that it is the right time to share my experience to the world but i want to remain anonymous so it is a kind request to MUFON that please hide my identity from this story.

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