Black Triangle Sighting in Sedalia, Missouri on July 15th 1987 – Mother and I driving home, she sees the UFO, I stop the car to view it. About 9 other cars stop to view it also. We did not talk to them.

I had driven to the city to bring my mother home with me for a weeks visit. It would be a 3 hr. drive back. Near midnight, halfway home, she spots the UFO. I stop the car to the side of the highway and we both get out to watch it. It is so black it is nearly impossible to see. It’s moving so slow it looks like it’s hardly moving at all. It’s shaped like an elongated wide triangle. Near the back two points of the triangle ends is a round bright white light. About 1/3rd toward the length and middle of the UFO (toward the elongated end..which I would call the front)is a large round “light”. It is bright red. At first I thought it was fire because it was either moving or pulsating. I just know it was red. I was concerned about traffic coming up from behind on the highway and I turned around and counted about 9 other vehicles that had stopped and the people were standing outside looking up at the UFO. It is not an understatement that the UFO could have very easily been as large as 8 football fields put together. What we were all seeing was the very bottom of the UFO. It continued to move very slow and never did make a sound. Everyone watched it until it disappeared into the dark sky. There was no moon. My mother and I talked about what we had seen.

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