UFO Sighting in Climax Springs, Missouri on August 20th 1974 – Relaxing late on patio behind house, facing East. Saw erratic path of UFO at high speed for about 30 sec. then it was gone.

I am a night so being up late and sometimes until daylight was not unusual.

I was sitting out on the patio relaxing between 11 p.m. and midnight. From the North I saw a speeding and erratic pattern heading due South. It was too far away and at too high an altitude for a detail description, but it looked white/silver.
It left a ‘white’ trail which is why I could see the pattern it traveled.
It went like this, at a high rate of speed making sharp corners in its changes of direction. It zipped across, then zipped down, then zipped across, then zipped up, then across, then down, then across, then up, repeat about 10 times. This lasted for about 30 seconds and then disappeared. I sat out there for another half hour but it never returned.

I lived on 40 acres so it was quiet and no lights or reflections from my point of view.

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