UFO Sighting in Joliet, Illinois on July 4th 2014 – Bright white to yellow than orange then red. Like a fire moving slowly then straight up till it disapeared

It was. 4th of july veiwing fireworks. Saw bright lifht miles ovove fireworks. Brifht white lifht to yellow to orange to red. Stayed redish orangecwhen moving disapeared apesred to the west then back east but changed direction straifht up till it disapeared. Nothing falling can fo this. I daw many sightings in my life and continue till this day. I have it on film also had showed my girlfreind and neighbor objects while they were traveling. Very awesome sighting. Very excited that my girlfreind saw one with me. I know about them and i knew exactly what i was seeing. Im glad i had another sighting and hopevto learn more about them.

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