UFO Sighting in Yellowknife, Northwest Territorie on January 11th 2013 – Metallic object with red flashing light followed by a smoky trail almost fire like

I was outside clearing the snow off my porch when I sat down and took a break so I looked up to the stars and then I saw it was a grey metallic orb that had a red flashing that was surrounded by a smoky orb that was glowing the trail behind the orb was a glowing smoke when Ii first saw it I thought it was a plane due to the fact it had a red flashing light it drew a strait line and was out of my view. I thought I had at first like I said it was I plane that was crashing but after I got a good look at it I realized it wasn’t as it seemed so i check out the direction it went in the next day in my snowmobile but found nothing. I can’t judge the size of the object or altitude because it made no sound but it looked very large.

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