When Does a UFO Become an IFO?

This is an offshoot to a previous thread “What Makes a Good Witness to a UFO Sighting”. The idea came up in that thread, at what point does a UFO (Unidentified) become an IFO (Identified)?

I didn’t witness the Phoenix lights but had heard bits and pieces about the case over the years. Nay sayers point out that one guy saw them through a telescope and said they were planes so end of story. I just now went to the National UFO Reporting Center website and pulled up Arizona sightings for the date of the event. These reports are statements about something far different than planes in a formation or flares and due to the large number of reports that means there were at least 100’s more people who witnessed something but didn’t know to report it to NUFORC.

I just read a cynical article that downplayed anything other than planes or flares as explanations of this event and the people adding to it in the comment section were arrogant and nasty about how they perceived the “nut cases” who think there might be objects out there other than known.

I’m going to dig in thoroughly into the Phoenix Lights case as an example of “When Does a UFO Become an IFO” and see if I can come to a solid conclusion about it. Will I end up with it being an IFO incident at the end of the day with what I research and, if so, will that IFO be a classification of something unknown as far as anything of Earth origin? This will be interesting and I’m looking forward to opinions.

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