Black Triangle Sighting in Boise, Idaho on July 5th 2014 – I saw a solid red light that pulsated, it made a hook path in the sky just above tree line.

I went outside around midnight to take out the garbage, when I headed for the door I saw a red light in the sky just above the tree line. At first I thought it was just an airplane(I live about 3 miles from an airport) but it didn’t look right, the light was constant but would pulse extra bright once in a while. I’ve seen a lot of planes and I know what they look like, this was different. I ran into the house and grabbed my I-pad and snapped off some pictures of it. The light I saw with my eyes was moving slowly from east to west, then it turned north and then hooked back east. The weird part was it looked like it was dragging a tail of red light behind it and just below it. But what was even more weird was when I went inside and looked at the pictures I didn’t see a red light, I saw two white lights and then in the next picture I saw three white lights in the classic triangle shape, then in another pic the top light moved out of alignment from the others. In the third pic I had zoomed in a little, and I could clearly see each of the orbs, they were more egg shaped than orbs. I noticed when I zoomed the last pic I could see the moon shining off of the tops of the objects. I felt excited and a little nervous knowing this thing was just slowly cruising around the skies of Boise. I lost sight of it after it went behind some trees in the distance. Anyone who knows me knows I am not an easily excited guy and not easily fooled either, I almost didn’t report the incident, but felt moved to do so based on the evidence I personally saw.

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