UFO sighting in Fayetteville, Arkansas

The following UFO sighting report was submitted to Open Minds on July 11, 2014 by Joyce Steward.

8:00 p.m. July 10th 2014 Fayetteville, Arkansas . Daylight. My son Rocky was outside when he observed a strange blackish colored object that seemed to come straight into the atmosphere. At that moment he yelled for me to come outside that he was seeing something strange. As we observed the object it was hovering at this point at or around 1000 ft. The object appeared to be shaped like a stop sign. The object makes a sudden movement north at a speed that was just amazing. It disappeared in just a flash. Standing there in amazement we continued to look in the sky for a few minuets and then the object was then right above us at around 500 ft. It moved to the west slowly and then hovered and then it started to glow this huge round amber light. It was enormous. If I was to hold up a newspaper you could not cover the object from end to end. It glowed like this for approx. 1 to 2 min then began to fade and rotate and as it rotated counterclockwise we could see what looked like a huge square glowing amber orange window on the side of it. It remained still for maybe another min then just disappeared. I have been a flight attendant for 12 years and my son is ex military. I have no idea what we saw.

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