UFO Sighting in Rohnert Park, California on January 1st 2014 – Pulsing, stationary red orb bigger than 3 Jupiters just after midnight on NYE

On January 1st, 2014, at 12:05am, in Rohnert Park, Ca., my girlfriend and I were at home for New Year’s Eve and decided to go outside to the back porch to listen to the fireworks and guns being fired in celebration. Our deck faces southward. We both noticed a glowing, pulsating red circle/orb/sphere just above the treeline towards the southeast. It struck us both as odd because it was easily larger than any star in the sky. I would say it was Jupiter x3. It made no sound. It was stationary and kind of hovering and pulsating. It had a presence that I can’t really describe. We never felt scared; rather intrigued. We thought it might be some sort of “NYE Blimp” and went inside after a few minutes because it was cold. When I turned back before going inside, it was still there, above the treeline, pulsating and hovering. We didn’t think much of it until a couple weeks had passed and we saw numerous reports of the same UFOs being witnessed, at the same time, in the southern and eastern parts of the state. We knew that what we had seen that night was indeed a UFO.

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