UFO Sighting in Tillsonburg, Ontario on July 11th 2014 – two lights looking like orbs flying at each other

my dad and I went out on the balcony to have a smoke and I noticed a white light off in the distance like 2 miles in the sky to the right of us I watched it fly slow like a plane but there was no noise like a plane when it came closer as it went past the tree I ran inside got my shoes on then ran out front to look for it I walked toward the road and looked back at my building and I noticed it was flying above over my building now I watched it fly west over as it went over another apartment building another white star orb was flying towards the one I was watching fly flew at each other it looked like they were gonna crash into each other but they didn’t the one I 1st saw got 10 feet away then vanished the 2nd one I seen after it passed like 10 feet after passing it it turned off its light then it looked black put both hands together infront of you and close one then open at the same time close the other and that’s how it flew then turned left (north) finally going up and dissapeared

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