Light trail that me and my friend saw above a lake

Me and my friend were sat by a lake on a camping holiday and we were unsure on what to think of what happened to us. There was a boye floating in the lake, we thought this was strange that it wasn’t marking anything. At around 8:45 and just got dark the boye began to flash green. We then saw a large green light trail that appeared to be writing or scribbling in the sky. This was about 10 m about the lake. It made a trail as if a sparkler does. But it on a lot larger scale. After this we saw exactly the same on the opposite side. Once this stopped the boye just began moving and made a massive ripple in the lake. Shortly after this a bird above the lake flew over the top of us, when I turnt around to look it had a green light underneath it. Similar to just before this happened where a bird I have never seen before flew the opposite way making chirp that I have never heard before, just after us saying that sounded strange the whole thing happened. It would be great I someone could address to this happening to them or give us any answers, we have looked all over the internet and have found nothing on it. Hope someone can relate to this.

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