UFO Sighting in Manor, Texas on July 12th 2014 – Very bright super fast UFO flew in strait line. Spit into two then disappeared.

I was sitting at a light waiting to turn left when a very bright light appeared in front of me very far away. It was in the direction of Elgin TX and that town is about 10 miles away. It caught my attention because it was real bright and moving towords me and to my slight left at an incredble speed. I first thought it was a fighter jet with after burners on. It moved from about ten miles away to my left side and over the highway in about 6-7 seconds. Right before it disappeared it split into two equal balls of light and the second ball just followed the first one. 1 second later the one in the back disappeared and then the one in the front was gone too. No sound and these lights flew strait. They didn’t go up or down. Just strait and super fast. Very bright.

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