UFO Sighting in Texas on July 12th 2014 – 2 solid white lights in tandem moving way faster than airplanes flying horizon to horizon making no sound. No running lights, no blinking lights.

I was outside in my back yard talking on the cell phone when I saw in the NE 2 solid white lights about the size of stars moving very, very fast to the NW, so they were flying east to west just north of me. They were moving faster than any plane I’ve ever observed.
As they got closer I saw that there were no running lights and no blinking lights as I would normally see on a plane. Our home is about 2 miles from a small town airport so I’m used to airplane traffic. When I heard no sound I knew I was looking at something rather interesting.
I called my wife out from the house, but just too late, they disappeared behind some trees. Not as if by magic, just that’s where their route took them.
It was at this point that I realized that I lost my connection to the person on the other end. When I called them back they said they didn’t know what happened. That may be nothing, but I thought to mention it anyway.

I’m mainly filing this report in case others in the area saw it and reported it as well.

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