UFO Sighting in Warren, Connecticut on July 12th 2014 – Objects looking like stars moving too fast for airplanes, too high for planes and no tail so not meteor.

This is the 5th time that this has happened in my area. It seems to be around anytime my mom’s fiance is around. Not jumping to conclusions of him being followed by aliens. These things are about the height in the sky as stars, bright like stars but move (and I mean MOVE) fast. The three I just saw not even 10 minutes ago moved faster than any airplane or meteor at that height. Plus a meteor doesn’t extinguish then REIGNITE. This is the fifth time I’ve seen them, all in either pairs or threes and move in different directions. One I saw tonight actually shifted from right to left quickly before moving in a straight line VERY fast eastward. I don’t know what it is but this is freaky and I definitely need someone to find out what it is. The fact that every time I go outside with my mom’s fiance and look at the stars I always see one slowly move then pick up speed and just move as if it’s propelled by something but it’s not fast enough that me AND MY FAMILY can trace it for a good 10 seconds and these things occurring from 9-10 pm all the time and having multiple pass by with a minute’s time frame makes me awestruck and a little nervous. I lost sight of it because it traveled out of sight. But it was still traveling the same speed. I’ve seen planes, it’s not a plane. I’ve seen meteors, it’s not a meteor. I’ve seen satellites, it’s not a satellite. WHAT IS THIS THING?!?! Someone please come and check this out!!!!

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