Where do people get things chemically tested

So hers my alien story. So about 5 years ago I was sitting in my back yard and was wondering if aliens were real and was thinking is there anything I can do to find out so I went online and started looking up things about aliens. Then I stubeled upon that video of the alien interview and was skeptical if it was real. But after that I started thinking more about if they were real. So after some time went on things started to get weird. Strange things started to happen things started disappearing and some other weird stuff. I didn’t really think anything of it at first then time went on and it just got stranger and stranger. But yeah could just be that I misplaced some stuff. But one day I went outside at night to go get something out of my car and as soon as I walked outside I say this weird light in the sky directly in front of my house and I sat there for a second and the light didn’t move. The light looked like it was made up of some kind of fluid that was rainbowy in color. Say I just say there for a little while staring at it and it slowly got closer then all of the sudden I felt this strange pulsing beam of some sort hit me I was dumbfounded at what it might be then all of the sudden I sense that someone is standing behind me an I can picture what he looked like in my head. It was a tall fellow dressed in fancy clothes as if he was some kind of royal figure. Then the image disappears and I went on doing my thing. So nothing happened for a while and things seemed normal. I yeah I thought I might throw this one out there. I’m one of those guys that likes to be out side all the time and to my surprise I started getting into star gazeing and would go outside and stare at the stars and one day I was staring at the stars and I saw this thing that looked like a shooting star but it wasn’t because it just didn’t look igot to be a shooting star I didn’t know what it was then it happened I saw what looked like a bug fly by again. Yes a bug but not just any bug this was a bug the size of a dragon fly or a small humming bird. This thing wasn’t like anything I’ve ever seen it was a bug that could light up blue and can mimic the sight of a shooting tar I thought this thing was crazy and thought maybe it was a dream or something but it wasn’t. This bug made me really think that there was something strange going on. But yeah it has to be real I’ve seen it ten or fifteen times. Ok enough of that. But yeah I found this’s little black pellet on the ledge in my shower. This thing is weird it basically disolves slowly when water hits it so it couldn’t have been in my shower for long. But yeah I looked at it and had no idea were it came from. I also touched my tounge to it and it felt as if it was burning my tounge like some kind of acid. I wonder what it could be so that’s why I’m here I’m trying to find out what it might be do you guys have any idea of a place that does strange testing on et things and maybe for free.

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