UFO Sighting in Cypress, Texas on July 12th 2014 – Brilliant blue-white light, sphere shaped, traveling westward at super speed, split in two. Both lights shot upward into clouds.

I had walked to my clubhouse pool from the back of my home to retrieve my grandson’s paddle board, about a 5 mins. walk. My home is located near a pond in a new development. I had to walk around the north east perimeter of the pond to get to the clubhouse. There are no tall trees or electric lines from my point of view to obstruct full view of the sky. It was dusk. On the walk back to my home, the object was actually behind me, or north of me. What caught my attention was the speed with which the object was traveling. I find it strange that it was the speed that caught my attention and not the brilliant light. I had to turn around to watch and for a few seconds I had a completely clear view of a brilliant blue-white light, sphere shaped, that had light vertical and horizon lines on it traveling westward at super speed. This was mechanical not organic. I have never seen anything move this fast. Then the light split in two and both lights shot upwards into the clouds. There was no sound. I felt a little spooked afterwards. These are things that other people see.

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