UFO Sighting in Des Plaines, Illinois on July 13th 2014 – I was sitting on my back porch with my dog in the yard looked up and noticed an orange bright orange light with yellow edges flying from the west to the east then looked up and saw another smaller or higher one same color same direction.

July 13 9:32 PM I was sitting in my back porch with my dog in the driveway and I happened to look up and noticed a very bright orange sphere or a light with yellow around the edges traveling due east from the west it moved similar to what you would see the space shuttle which I’ve seen many times but this was much larger much brighter. About six seconds later another one came from the same direction appearing to be much higher or somewhat smaller same brightness same yellow edges same path except for it was perhaps a little bit further north did not follow the exact same path but same direction for sure. I live near O’Hare airport in Des Plaines just north of the airport I’ve seen many planes I know with the space station looks like this was totally different it was much larger than the space you should station but took on the same appearance as far as when I watched it disappeared how the space shuttle would just vanish at one point both objects did the exact same thing my emotions after seeing it were unbelievable . I could not believe I was seeing what I was seeing .

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