UFO Sighting in Oviedo, Florida on July 6th 2014 – Saw a dark sphere, act like a jet aircraft with extreme capabilities.

July 6th around 4PM I was in the backyard manning the BBQ. During this time of day in Central Florida, the clouds build and bloom up into the sky. It is a spectacle in itself. So as I flipped burgers I also kept an eye to the sky to watch the building cloud activity. I noticed a group of black crows flying about as high as I have ever seen them (perhaps 5,000 feet) So I was just watching the black crows riding the updrafts and I caught sight of what I thought was a dark jet aircraft thousands of feet higher and a mile further away. The jet was not what I expected once I started to get a good look at it after it neared the top of the newly developing cumulus cloud. I was confused by the crafts orientation during flight. I could not see any wings, just a round dull dark object moving like a jet aircraft, straight on a path, then it took an unexpected turn downward tracing the angle of the cloud. I looked again (I was wearing my polarized prescription sun glasses) and again I could not see any indications of wings. Without wings for orientation of the “jet” I could not tell if it were a barrel roll of what maneuver could possibly make that sharp turn. There was no noise at all, not a whisper. Since I had a nice photo taken of this sky (I occasionally practice with my camera using airliners as subjects), I sat down with PhotoShop and created this visual illustration to document what I had seen as accurate to scale as I could. I am a registered architect so I am quite used to creating visualizations. I am also a USAF veteran, quite familiar with most aircraft.

When this craft took the downward turn it was diving at a faster speed, then it actually slowed down at the bottom of its dive and took a reverse angle turn into the cloud. Approximate time of viewing the flight path was about 15 sec. I kept staring at the cloud for the eventual exit with the assumed normal flightpath of a normal aircraft, but it never made an exit from the cloud. I told the family about what I saw and after lunch drew up this illustration using a preexisting photo taken a previous afternoon. It was a good reference because it had a jet airliner (note: wings) in the scene and I could relate all drawing elements to that. I needed to photoshop a facsimile of the subject cloud in this report but other than cloud that the image is a straight shot of the sky type that I saw that afternoon. I didn’t file this report immediately because I wanted to see if anyone else reported something first. A type of verification since I was alone. However no reports have been filed and I will need to be one of the first. Note that Kennedy Space Center is perhaps 35 miles away from this objects position.

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