UFO Sighting in Bessemer, Alabama on July 14th 2014 – Bright star-like object on a bright blue sky evening moves very slowly and then split into 2 parts while fading

I was outside walking and listening to some music with headphones and I looked straight up in almost a 90 degree angle,slightly in a southwesterly direction ,and I saw a very bright star-like object moving very slowly to the west in a straight line path.I ran inside the house to get my mother to see this,and she came outside and also noticed that it was slowly moving and very bright.To us it seemed to be moving too slow to be a satellite and we both ruled out a weather balloon because it had a very star-like glowing quality of light light to it and the sky was very bright blue at about 7:50 PM.I went inside to get my Binoculars and saw a slight change in it’s shape from round to a bullet shaped…it had a slight red outline behind it. We watched it for about 10 or 15 minutes until it faded and I noticed it separated into 2 faint halves until it disappeared all together.We stayed about 5 minutes after trying to figure what we both witnessed.

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