UFO Sighting in Maineville, Ohio on August 1st 2000 – Football shaped UFO

Unfortunately my dates and times are not accurate. This was about 15 years ago, however this event has profoundly changed my opinion of what reality on earth may be. I never got around to reporting it, because at that time, hell, I was only 12. I was sitting in the driveway waiting for my mom to take me to hockey practice I’m the afternoon sometime. Suddenly out of my right eye I feel a flash of light(may have been reflecting the sun). I glance over and I see a solid black/gray football shaped craft emerging from the woods and rocking while banking towards the next group of wooded area. From where I was sitting the craft was less than 100 feet away from me in broad daylight and clear skies.

It appeared like a football on its side with the top and bottom hemispheres slightly off center. It had what almost looked like black corrugated tubing stretching from front to back of the craft. Another part about the instance that I have to express is the movement of the craft. As soon as the bright flash happened I’m not sure if the being controlling the craft was startled or lost control, but the way how it rocked while it was banking made me believe that whatever piloting it had an “oh crap” moment. If there was a person inside it, surely it would have vomited from the rocking. Maybe it was autonomous. That’s the only reason why I bring up the movement. It may have been some sort of drone. Ours? Maybe. It had no wings or visible engine and was absolutely silent.

Maineville used to be pretty rural at that time, it headed towards what used to be a farm. I only saw it for about 30 seconds but the 30 seconds has been burned into my head for quite some time. I wish I had accurate time and dates. Maybe someone else saw this. I’ve never seen any other ufo report about anything like what I saw. Trust me since I was 12 I’ve been obsessed with this. I’ve researched everywhere and watched countless videos trying to find a match of what I saw, which now leads me to reaching out to others. I know what I saw. I saw it close and in broad daylight. You can’t tell me it was a blimp, it was less than 100 feet away from me. This was real. If a sketch is needed, I’ll do my best.

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