UFO Sighting in New Jersey on July 5th 2014 – unbelievable starlike object

On july 5th about 10 pm my family and I were sitting around the firepit when out of the corner of my eye ,I saw what appeared to be a star moving. Concerned that I was seeing thins, I asked my wife to look at it and for her to tell me what she had seen. Well she confirmed along with my two daughters that it was moving. What ever these crafts are they appeared to be starlike with the colors white,blue yellow red and green, only through the binoculars, but primarily white and blue. The family was quite astonished by this sighting. Personaly I cant see them being of military or commercial projects because I have never seen anything move like this, very erratic with up and down, side to side movement sometimes casting an ora. The evening progressed into morning when we noticed the secong and the third craft,same exact coloring and movement. At times they appeared to be sinaling each other with red and green flashes. I don’t know what I was looking at, and being over 50 yrs old, never in my live have iever seen anything like this.

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