Black Triangle Sighting in Tulsa, Oklahoma on July 15th 2014 – Driving towards 71st and Quincy observed what I thought was a black balloon. I started watching it as it came closer I opened my sun roof and overhead was not 1 but two triangular objects one behind the other slowly passing. Underneath looked like a a "T"

Driving down towards 71st & Quincy in Tulsa, ok. From a little ways away I saw what I thought was a black balloon floating towards our direction. I watched it coming towards us as it did I decided to open up the sun roof to get a better look. What I saw was no balloon. It was two triangular shaped objects. One right behind the other a little to the side. One was black the other was blue. They were small like stars. On the underside it looked like a letter “T” shape and it was bright like lit up maybe? They went by following each other. That was around 635pm maybe 640. It was broad daylight and the clouds were not hiding them. Earlier in the day maybe around 540 on my way past that area I did see what I thought was a news helicopter in the same area just hovering. Never saw a story on the news about it. Did anyone else see this?

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