UFO Sighting in Marble Falls, Texas on July 12th 2014 – Saw two lights in sky traveling too fast for a plane or satellite, went across horizon then disappeared

Two of us were walking on our property by the lake just before sunset, and noticed two very bright round lights (no tails) going across the sky from the south, over the horizon, and traveling very fast. It was too fast for planes or satellites. There was no sound. They looked like shooting stars but it was too light out to see any stars, and they were traveling together close to each other. They went all the way across half of the sky so we had to turn to watch them and then they both disappeared at the same time. It only lasted about a minute for it to go 180 degrees. Two of us saw it and watched it carefully, as it was something we had never seen before. We have seen shooting stars before, but this was different, larger, brighter, and it was too early to see stars out We have seen satellites as well but this was much larger than the satellites we can see in the night sky, and they were moving so quickly, and then they both disappeared. We were shocked and said to each other, ‘What was that’? We could not figure out what it could be. We could come up with no explanation of what it was.

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